Best Sitemap Plugins For WordPress

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A sitemap is essentially a map that contains a list of your website’s URLs. Its main function is to help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo crawl your website by providing a list of the available content on your website. It is simply an XML file that contains a list of pages available on your website. You can create an XML by typing code or you can simply choose one from many sitemap plugins for wordpress. The image below shows a sitemap:

Sitemap Yoast - Best Sitemap Plugins For Wordpress

Best WordPress Plugins For Sitemaps

There are several free as well as paid wordpress plugins that you can use to create a sitemap of you website. Like always, paid plugins come with some extra cool features, but for the most part, a free plugin gets the job done flawlessly as well. We have listed three of the best sitemap plugins for wordpress websites:

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

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Basically, Yoast is an all in one SEO plugin. It makes on-page a lot easier. It is also one of the most widely used sitemap plugins used by wordpress users. In addition to the free version, users can also upgrade to the paid version that comes with additional features. The premium version of Yoast costs $69, but unfortunately it can only be installed on a single site. MillennialScope also uses Yoast for all its SEO requirements.

Sitemap - Best Sitemap Plugins For Wordpress

2. All In One SEO Pack

All in one - Best Sitemap Plugins For Wordpress

Just like Yoast, All in One SEO Pack is also an all-in-one SEO solution. The free version of this sitemap plugin comes with several cool features such as bot traffic blocker. However, if you want to unlock all the features, you’ll need to purchase a license. The basic license which supports only one website costs $68 for a year. After the license expires, you’ll have to repurchase in order to continue using the premium features.

All in one seo pack - Best Sitemap Plugins For Wordpress

3. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XMl sitemaps - Best Sitemap Plugins For Wordpress

Google XML Sitemaps is one of the highest rated sitemap plugins for wordpress. It’s name tells all about what it does. It simply generates an XML sitemap of you website. You can submit the generated sitemap to search engines for indexing.

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