Best Alternatives To Google Adsense

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For most bloggers and website content creators, Google Adsense is the most sought after monetization program. It is undoubtedly the highest paying program among all the monetization programs. But getting approved for Google Adsense has never been easy. Especially in the last few years, Google has become even more strict. Most people’s application to join Adsense gets disapproved. Although Google does site the reasons for disapproval of the applications, many people still don’t find it difficult to make necessary alterations so that Adsense can consider their application again. Some people don’t get approved for Adsense even after several attempts. For such creators, we have listed some of the best alternatives to Google Adsense which are equally as great.

Alternatives To Google Adsense

1. Amazon Associates

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Amazon is the largest ecommerce store in the world. You can become an amazon associates publisher easily. All you need is a website or a youtube channel that refers visitors to a product listed on amazon. Unlike Adsense where you get on a Pay-Per-Click basis, on amazon associates you get paid a commission when a sale is generated through your link. If you have a website or a youtube channel that talks about certain products, then you can make good commissions by referring your traffic to amazon products.

2. Infolinks

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Infolinks is yet another great alternative to google adsense. It accepts publisher of all kinds, so even if you’re a brand new website content creator, you can consider infolinks for you website. Infolinks is the third largest publisher marketplace with over 240 million monthly unique generating over 1.5 billion ad views a month.

3. Revcontent

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Revcontent is a leading content native ads platform. It provides you with fully customizable widgets that deliver the right content to your audience. Native ads are some the of the best ads in the industry as they get higher rate of engagement than other forms of ads. They blend with the content of the website so well that the users overlook the ads a lot of times. This results in higher click through rates.

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