How Does Zomato Gold Works For Restaurants

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Zomato gold is one of the sought after products for the customers where a customer can get 1+1 on food or 2+2 on drinks ( IMFL or Imported ) on any partnered restaurants all over India

This is the most successful subscription service ever built at Zomato, and it’s only growing in numbers and revenue. Zomato charges a very premium annual membership too from 999 INR to 1999 INR now annually.

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Why Zomato Gold? 

Zomato Gold is a well marketed product like the other Zomato products (Zomato Treats). There are numerous places [PayTM first, referrals, etc etc] offering ridiculous rates for Gold offerings. (Check first!!) For others who are aware of what Zomato Gold is, skip the next para: It is utilized by millions consistently to choose where to eat crosswise over 24 nations. In 2017 Zomato needed to catch a greater amount of the Dine-out market for which we structured a participation program. For eateries, we needed to build faithfulness and client maintenance.

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zomato gold

What is Zomato Gold?

Actually its a very well strategy used by Zomato to attract new customers and the restaurants will blindly say yes to provide 1 complimentary dish to attract more new customers.

Based on the terms and conditions of Zomato:

  1. complimentary One dish.
  2. Zomato gold is not valid on any special occasions.
  3. Not valid on deliveries and takeaway
  4. Not valid on buffets, special menus and thalis (Very Clever!!).

Gold Value proposition

Why should someone buy this subscription?

  • Buy one, get one dish complimentary or Buy two, get two drinks complimentary
  • Select anything from the menu — any dish, any drink
  • Valid anytime, any day
  • Unlimited visits at all Gold partner restaurants


  • zomato Gold follows concepts and trajectories similar to Nearbuy. High drop out rates from customers once the Gold is out (would need affirmation from Zomato employees in terms of sheer numbers)
  • I myself am a Zomato Gold member. At times, i do not use the membership as it makes me feel cheap. That’s just a personal qualm, though there has not been any restaurant that made me feel that way. It needs to feel more of a membership than a free loader kind of a feeling. However it’s pretty neat to test out new kitchens without burning your fingers too much.
  • If costumers do no repeat or restrict to their options, it’s a direct revenue loss to the restaurant

I think it is a great initiative for newbie restaurants to get the initial flutter, and older establishments to start generating new footfall. However does it yield results in the long run, I’m slightly skeptical

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