Your Body Your Choice “Abortion Law In 2019”

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abortion law

Whether you are at pro life or at pro kabadi, abortion law are something you need to be educated about.

Between 2010-2014 one fourth of the worlds pregnant women had abortions and of those 6.9 million women would treated as unsafe abortion related complications each year.
Abortion law plays a huge role in deciding whether a woman can access safe health.
And with the recent out read of these laws let’s see what it is like.


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around the world

Abortion laws in America, abortion law have had a roller coaster ride
while the famous ROE vs WADE verdict gave American the right to Abortion in 1973.
Anti Abortion activist have been recently pushing for state level legislation to overturn it.
The recent ALABAMA ABORTION LAW is the most draconian so far. Banning Abortion at all stages of Pregnancy with No Exception for survival of Rape or Instant. And more states are likely to follow suit.

This attitude towards Abortion extend to several developing countries where 88% of all abortion takes place.

So let’s take a look to their Laws too.

DISCLAIMER : they are not Pretty .

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Violence And Girl Abused In India

26 countries mostly in Africa , Asia and Latin America do not allow abortion at all even when Mother’s life is at risk.

“we care about life but not the Mother who will give that life” strange!

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my body my rule

Women here have decades of jail time because of Abortions in some cases even when they suffer from miscarriage.

Mean while in Denmark and East Europe the law treats abortions like a Goa trip in India “without family permission you can’t abort”.

Abortion Law In India           

Abortion law exist around the world but where is India?

For an estimated 15.6 million abortions take place annually.
Abortion was legalized here with the historic Medical Termination Of Pregnancy { MTP } Act in 1971.
according to the Act women can obtain Abortion upto twenty weeks of pregnancy from a registered medical practitioner who can approve it only under the following conditions the continues of pregnancy poses a serious risk of physical injury to the women there is a significant risk of the child being born with a genetic abnormalities or the other serious handicaps , there is a risk of serious mental injury to the women.
Moreover if you are an adult and suffers mental health then you don’t need anyone’s permission to have an Abortion.

S Korea abortion ruling - Your Body Your Choice  "Abortion Law In 2019"
my choice

P.S – ( special shoutout ) to the super cool Supreme Court of India which said
“ A women’s freedom of choice whether to beer a child or abort her pregnancy are area’s which fall in the realm of privacy”.

Problems with the law

While our theory was A+ our practical is not so much.

Beyond 20 weeks the law states that pregnancy may only be terminated with the special commissions of the laws.

Unsafe Abortions

It is 3rd leading cause of maternal mentality in India and close to 8 women die with the abortion related causes each day. These are just the report of filed cases.
The MTP Act has also been written to prevent Sex or Gender selective abortion which is great except this often comes an excuse to exploit women with clinic’s charging anything to perform abortion.

WThe Result?

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unsafe abortion

Women turn to unsafe illegal method of Abortion.

Amendment of the MTP Act have been proposed but the parliament keeps on changing the dates. 

There is no doubt that the women should be able to make her choice in the safest way possible, but restricted laws do not allows it.
and point to a much bigger problem. A women lack of  agency to decide what to do with her own body.

So instead of regulating a women sexual freedom , a heal their approach to the whole issue starts with a comprehensive quality education.
use of protection, an open conversation.

Our laws need to protect women right to choose, and have safe affordable options.

So lets ask better to policy makers.

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women’s choice

The choice is hers but the voice is ours.
let her decide what to do with her body.    

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