Gender Fluid Fashion

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clothes have no gender

Gender fluid fashion, simply refers to breaking gender barriers and creating clothing that is inclusive of all genders, such as male , female, queer, transgender, and more.

Clothes that are for everyone , irrespective of their gender, and it is becoming more and more popular with the passing days, as many fashion designer are coming with gender neutral design and that are being created, and are taking the runways by storm . Gender fluidity in fashion might seem to be a new thing but it actually has been there since ages, if you go through your history book , you can see portraits and pictures of Kings in their draped silhouettes or in their embellished tunics with gold work, pearl work. Kings and queens , staking heavy jewellery , wearing robes with embellishment. But after sometime, gender neutral fashion / gender fluidity on fashion , seem to have taken a back seat.

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Is Gender Fluid Fashion A Trend?

Well now, gender fluid fashion is back and unabashedly dominating the runways. Gender fluid clothing is rising in popularity. The lines between menswear and women’s wear are becoming increasingly more blurred.

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billy porter, Awkwafina,Elsie Fisher

Gender fluid fashion was the real winner at “The Academy awards 2019”, where “Billy Porter” , “Elsie Fisher” , “Awkwafina” we’re seen sashaying in gender neutral outfits.

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Michael Urie, Harry Styles, Jared leto

The gender fluid outfits were spotted on “The Met Gala 2019” red carpet as well, celebrities like “Michael Urie” took gender non-conforming style to hightened level, “Harry styles” also embraced the gender fluid look , and was seen wearing beautiful sheer blouse by Gucci, “Jared Leto” who was also in Gucci , wore bright red embellished dress with silver shoes underneath.

Gender Fluid Fashion For Celebrities

The concept of gender-neutral, gender fluid and unisex clothing have been some of fashion’s hottest trends over the past decade, attracting new attention , leading Hollywood and Bollywood stars of both sexes to experiment with gender-blurring / gender fluid outfits on red carpets , events.

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Ranveer Singh, Ayushman Khuranna , Irfan Khan

Back in 2015, when Ranveer Singh, wore skirt during an event everyone went nuts , but it’s not only the time when he broke stereotypes of gendered dressing, he has wore skirts several times, and he has also worn a nathni for L’officiel . Later, other celebrities like Ayushman khuranna and Irfan khan were also spotted wearing skirts.

Designers have been promoting androgyny on the runways for some time now. But gender fluidity so far has been only for the celebrities and rich people , preserve of expensive and high end designer. This is why it is understandable for Ranveer Singh to  sashay in skirt , but no so easy to incorporate in wardrobe for average/normal men. But apart from skirts, floral prints have been a thing for men as well, earlier men were only spotted in plain or striped shirts, well now , men are seen wearing cool exotic floral prints and other Interesting printed shirts and t-shirts.

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Gender Fluid Clothing

Girlfriend’s has been raiding their boyfriend’s wardrobe since ages for T-shirts , hoodies , well , there isn’t much time left, where boyfriend’s might be in action for raiding their girlfriend’s wardrobe.
Clothes have no gender, they never had . The distinction were only made by us. We certainly can overcome them.

The biggest makeup trend in 2019 is Gender Fluidity

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Is makeup for men a new trend ?

Gender Fluidity in fashion is in popularity and the gender fluidity in makeup is taking it’s speed. When a discussion about beauty industry comes, it almost always centre the needs and wants of women. Before makeup was only targeted to women, it was genderless.

If we give a glance to the history of the Ancient Egypt ,men  also used to wear heavy eyeliner and colorful eyeshadow, and those were recognized as wealthy.

Today men like, James Charles , Patrick starr, Bretman Rock are disrupting the gender stereotypes associated with makeup , using YouTube , social media , to celebrate their love for makeup and connect with both men and women who share their passion.

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