What Is “Body Positivity”?

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find acceptance within yourself.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “body positivity” floating around a lot lately. So, what does body positivity really mean ? Body positivity is a learning that all bodies are worth acceptance and praise, and are equally valuable. These days,  everyone is aware of the concept of body positivity. It challenges narrow beauty ideals and standards and encourage the acceptance and the appreciation of bodies of all shapes, size and appearance . It is the notion that all bodies  deserve the same love, respect and admiration.  That’s it nothing crazy. Fat bodies, Tall bodies, Large bodies, Small bodies and bodies in wheelchairs are all equal and beautiful. My body, your body, his body, her body, each body is beautiful and strong.


Body positivity is important because it is very essential to love your body. In an era of social media , where all we see are the pictures of celebrities and influencers , in their perfect toned body and perfect , clear face, airbrushed skin tones and we start feeling conscious about our body, thinking that we don’t fit into those labels. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to look “good” , just make sure it’s your own version of “good” not someone else’s  because that someone else is making a mint off you.

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Body Positivity Movement!

Life is too short to waste on worrying about your waist size. We have many things in this life, that are more important than obsessing over our bodies. Body positivity is important, because it encourages acceptance of all human body types and self-positivity, it helps everyone to accept their bodies as well as the bodies of others.

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we can do it

As social media, continues to play a major role in our society, talking about body positivity and encouraging is more important than ever.  It is very good to see people coming forward and talking about body positivity in social media platform like Instagram and encouraging people to love their bodies and empowering them, It’s good to see TV shows casting wider range of body types, plus size models in runways slaying, which was somewhat missing earlier.

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everything about you is just wonderful


The pressure to maintain a certain body weight,  shape and size is consistent for both boys and girls. Body positivity emerged as a female oriented social movement, and for a good reason. Well the moment social media being a  home of body positivity conversation, it gives a platform for people to share their story, to showcase their talent, and many celebrities and Instagram influencers have come forward to show support to this movement and is consistently working on this process.

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male body positivity

Male body positivity is as important as female body positivity and being said that, Now men are also starting to get into the conversation and have began to talk about their body weights and the unrealistic standards that have been set throughout their lives.

Instagram celebrities like Mina Gerges, Kelvin davis, and many more are doing a lot for the male side of the body positivity movement, but it’s a conversation that has to continue.


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It’s no Rocket science, things take time, and also when we’ve been taught through out our life that Fair skin is our path to success, Thanks to Fairness creams ad, and that having a dark skin is not acceptable, who will marry a person who is black as coal, isn’t it ?. Boys should be tall and masculine and Girls should be timid and feminine. Having a belly roll is  embarrassing and body hair (for Girls), what is it, does it even exist? Thanks to all those razor ads which shows girl shaving a hairless leg, Pimples, acne and scars is a nightmare and it will scare the heck out of people and all other Nonchalant comments that we have  came across in our life .

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It will take time to unlearn those things and to love yourself, accept your body, to accept that having a belly roll is okay! not having a masculine body is okay!, Acne is normal, having a body hair is natural, not having abs is no big deal : you don’t need abs to be fab, and wanting to wear makeup is okay (for both gender), it’s okay to have long legs or short legs or thighs that touch at the top or hairy legs or mottled skin or cellulite or scars or stretch marks Also, don’t let your size hinder your style, wear what you want. But not taking any steps towards this movement, is not okay, making someone feel bad about themselves, about how they look, is not okay.


You might’ve been a person or is a person, who just couldn’t help yourself but pointing out those pesky pimples or just giving unwanted suggestion to someone in general, like drink lots and lots of water, wash your face with this that, give it a try to that product, use this paste and that paste ugh! And the list goes on, then maybe next time, give them a compliment on how gorgeous their hair is or how beautiful their eyes are, learn new things, unlearn those hateful beauty standard.

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Don’t let the beauty standard give you more things to hate about yourself. Perfect is a social construct.

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    Awesomely written ❤…continue to progress…you’re a positive influencer for all the girls like me …I loved the pimples’ part..Thankyou

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      Thank you so much ❤️ for your regards, Do fall in love with taking care of your body ✨⭐

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    Beautiful ,keep it up. Thank you.❤❤❤????

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    And I ended up gaining a lot of knowledge with confidence. Well written and researched bibu.


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