10 Makeup Trends Of 2019

Make-up is used to enhance your appearance. Make-up has been there for centuries. Now a days makeup trends plays an important role for both men and women. Makeup those days were very simple, just simple eye coloring or some material for body. Well, now makeup has become a way of expressing yourself , about experimenting and being creative.  Here are some make-up trends that are huge this season ,and super fun, you would definitely be spotting your favorite celebrities in these make-up trends, you too can experiment with your looks.

• Bold colors

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Bold colors

 Bright, bold and colorful- be it a eyeliner, lipstick, mascara or blush, is the trend of this season. This make-up trends is all about making statement. If you are thinking of giving this trend a try, then go for it, be creative and go bold.

Monochromatic make-up :

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Monochromatic make-up

This Makeup look is a fun method to arrange your makeup with your outfit, the main guideline here is that you should apply single shade or shade that are inside a similar shade range, for your eyes, lips and cheeks. Achieving , Monochromatic looks is very easy, if you are a beginner in make-up than you can definitely try this. Never underestimate the impact and ease of Monochromatic look.

Strong Brows

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Strong Brows

90’s fashion is back and everyone is accepting it with open arms , but one thing that people might be hesitating on bringing back is those snake like thin eyebrows. All things considered, in 2019 strong brows are a thing and isn’t going anyplace at any point in the near future.

• Color-blocked eyeshadow

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Color-blocked eyeshadow

This is Instagram beauty trend you need to know color-blocked eyeshadow involves creating rectangular "blocks" of bright eyeshadow, instead of blending color on the lid. The color-blocked look creates independent shapes to add an entirely new dimension to the eye. Unlike most makeup trends, this one is actually surprisingly easy to re-create at home.

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• Glossy Make-up

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Glossy Make-up

The trend to look out for in 2019. Remember applying those glossy lip gloss back in your school days? Well! Here is the time to relieve those good old days as glossy makeup has finally made a comeback and making everyone drooling over it .

•Dewy Skin

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Dewy Skin

Korean skin care trends have been all the rage for the last few years now. Dewy skin is the K-Beauty trend that took Instagram by storm quite recently. People are going crazy over the trend.  

Red lips

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Red lips

You can absolutely never go wrong flaunting a bright red lip. To jazz up the plain outfit , Red lipstick definitely comes in handy , you can never go wrong with red lips. Red lipstick is universally flattering ,as it suits all skin tones .

• Pretty in pink

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Pretty in pink

Pink eyeshadow is seriously on trend at the moment. And spring/summer is the perfect season to try it out. Gone are the days of neutral, natural eyes and in their place is the pink eyeshadow trend ,worn by every make-up artist , influencers and celebrities. Simply paint your eyelid with wash of pink.

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