How to Propose a Girl?

So you’ve finally found the girl of your dreams – Lucky you! How to Propose a Girl? And now you’ve got to figure out how to ask her to be your life partner. Planning is everything and when you know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say to her, the nerves will subside somewhat in your mind.

How can I propose a girl to be my girlfriend?

8 Tips To Propose a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend
1.Couple It With an Event. Have a homecoming dance 2.or prom coming up? …
3.Send Her a Singing Telegram. …
4.Cook Her a Delicious Meal. …
5.Give Her Food With A Message. …
6.Try the Old-School Love Letter Method. …

What do you say when proposing?

Say something like: “We both love [blank], and dream of [blank], so together we can [blank].” It’s the perfect lead-in to the words she’s been waiting to hear (drumroll, please): ”

Why do you kneel to propose?

When proposing, kneeling can have the same spiritual connotation and can be seen as a sign of respect. Royalty: Knights kneel while being awarded honors from kings and queens. This can hold true for a proposal of marriage and can be seen as an honor.

Flirting, being friends or very good friends and going out on a special date with a girl; all are very different situations to propose a girl.

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How to Propose a Girl

Give Time To your Relationship

Treating girlfriend like a queen is a must for every boyfriend. Giving her the royal treatment after getting the long-awaited “Yes” from her is a guarantee that your relationship will last long. We all know that no one is perfect, and boyfriends have lapses too. But as a good partner, you should always double the effort and let her feel like she’s a royalty.

Now, if you are wondering if you treat your girl this way or not, don’t worry we got your back . If you are friends with a girl for just 1 or 2 weeks, do not propose her. Give time to your relationship so that it can grow bonding. When a boy, who knows a girl for a very short period of time; proposes her; the girl gets to know that the person is just fooling around and doing bullshit just to get the girls without any feeling. However, if you know a girl very well for many months then proposing seems acceptable. 

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Quality of your Relationship

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Be confident with your relationship. Though it’s impossible to be able to predict with 100% accuracy that she’ll say yes to you but you should’ve a pretty strong sense that your girlfriend loves you and she wants to be with you. if she’s dropped hints that she wants to be with you, And wants to be a part of your life, and so on.

Perfect Timing

Choose a day when you are on a date with your girl. Observe the mood of the girl whom you are going to propose. If the girl is in a bad mood then don’t propose her. You will suffer without any reason just because of wrong timing. Also, keep on giving hints about your proposal before really proposing a girl. This helps in creating a good platform before you really propose her. 

Make Special Plans 

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Make Special Plans 

Plan for a romantic dinner and make her feel special about her. Order her favourite dish and you can propose her either before dinner or during the time of dessert. You can play her favourite music as well. 

You can take her to that place where you met her for the first time and recreate the same environment and scene. This will make her recall everything and when you will propose her, she will definitely get moved and will say yes to you immediately.
If the two of you have been hanging out for a week or so, and you feel like she might be into you, don’t be afraid to ask her out. Have faith in yourself, and think of how much it’s worth it to ask because if she agrees, you will have plenty of fun.

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Plan for a romantic dates

If she is the shy type, ensure that She doesn’t seem like you are hitting upon her. Before you actually propose, do some homework. Identify her closest friends. Send her some subtle reminders and teasers about the fact that you really like her. In this manner, you would have taken-out the sting of shock or awe at the time of actually proposing to her. Respect her make her feel special.

Treat her like your angel

Make her feel like a princess. Listen to her when she talks, compliment her looks and behave like a perfect gentleman around her. Make her feel like you have found a diamond in the rough and you will never leave her side.

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Treat her like your angel

So there you have it. The most sentimental things that you can accomplish for your better half. Try to not exaggerate any of them, or else she will begin underestimating you.

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