Esports Gaming and Women

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Esports gaming and women

Think sports and you don’t have to get out of your PJ’s to play. Weather it’s a male or female whoever is that.

We are talking about Esports Gaming ( the pro version of Egaming ) .

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It’s a huge phenomenal globally and in India the number of Gamer will soon touch 628 million , unlike traditional sports which depend on physical ability. In Esports you don’t have to be HE-man. And yet the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Esports is boys in shorts playing FIFA, DOTA , CS or PUBG.

Does that mean that there are no women in gaming?

Why is it ‘Super Mario’ and not ‘Super Maria’?

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super Maria

Why aren’t there more girls in the Gaming world?

Most online games have a culture of “the person who will win , will be the Lady killer”

There are many more reasons that women stay away from gaming like SOCIETY.

Like that ghost which appear at the last moment and pack man. Society always do the same thing.
popular Indian gamer Shagupta Iqbal recently said “ lack of support from parents holds back a lot of young talented players, even a stereotype as non gamer”

Harassment and Abuse in Esports–
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abusive comment

weather its a actual rape threats or taunt , female gamer have to face a lot more than monster on the screen. Many male gamers tries to suppress them by using a abusive language online .

Saloni Pawar popular streamer on twitch has been told things like ‘ Gaming is not your cup of tea, go make sandwiches.’

Most women now resort to use Male name so that teir Esports gaming experiences aren’t real.

Pay Gap in Esports –
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pay gap

Egaming may be virtual but the pay gap is real, the earnings of the top male players in Esports is almost 2.5 million dollars. While the op Female gamer Earning is less then 2 hundred thausand dollars that’s a whole zero less.

Female teams don’t get good opportunity to make money leading to fewer sponsors and reduced coverage.
that’s why Zera Gunsal moved out from the gaming.

Representation in Esports –
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female representing them as male

in 2018 45% of video games players in Us were women but only 23% of the Esports gaming makers were Female.
moreover less then a third of the American gaming industries Identifies as female transgender or another gender.

With the spread of the Internet Esports is has became a preety major industry and its important that female get inclusivity in at this nation stage. Esports is growing everywhere and Female gamers deserve a seat at the table. Female activism within the industry has been successfully creating a supportive and exciting work place. Organization like ‘Girls make Games ‘ teach young women the technicals skills needed to create Video games.

 And Intel has invested 300 million dollars towards female diversity in the game division, women in India have also taken control of the consol , starting separate Facebook Page for women only for PUBG gamer. But Women shouldn’t have to create a whole new space just to game freely , they need to be part of main stream.

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The right steps toward incluisivity could help us raise the next generation female gamers .

Lets put the equality in Esports gaming , so that girls can game on too.     

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