Menstrual Cup: How to Use, Benefits & More

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menstrual cup

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Periods the monthly subscription when flooding women inboxes since puberty, discussions about how to deal with periods are moving slowly from bluing sanitary pads to green alternative like the menstrual cup, although the menstrual cup has been commercially available since 1937, women in India are still suspicious of it.

Menstrual cup should be use or not?

Does it hurt?

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Pain is the big concern when using the menstrual cup but the cup is made up of medical grade silicon and it is soft, all you have to do is fold it and insert it right below the cervix once it’s inside it open ups and stays there due to suction , then you pinch switch and pull it out.

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process of using cup

the entire process can be tricky at first but after a few tries it gets a lot easier.

Before you switch to menstrual cup do research about it.

Is it hygienic?

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No matter how hard you try changing a sanitary pad in public bathroom wll sound like a shark ripping into plastic bag, but with the menstrual cup it will be at Stealth Mode, just remove it wash it with water and place it back in and if there is no basin around you can use paper towel and some water.
the cup can be use 10 to 12 hours on average. At the end of your cycle just boil it and sanitize it and the cup can be used for at least 5 years, imagine the no. Of sanitary pads we have to buy till that time.
seeing or touching the blood can take some getting use to but unlike the sanitary pad you are not walking around with the funky smell all the time.

Where do i get it?

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There is hardly any advertisement of menstrual cup. So, women don’t know how to buy, where to buy or how many to buy it for?
menstrual cup comes in different sizes , and since pharmacies don’t have them , you can buy them online. There are many different websites you can buy it from.
you can also switch to cloth pad from cup at the end of your cycle, if your flow is not too heavy.

Menstrual Cycle: Taboo

Every month women have to deal with their own red wedding.
Yet there are so ,many options to deal with menstrual health and hygiene that rarely get discussed.

Thanks to the society which makes menstruation a very big taboo, that we don’t talk about this openly.

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But hey!
Menstrual cup doesn’t remain to be a mystery, it is Eco friendly and also a cost effective.
And if you feel a sudden rush to run around, climb a rock or wear white shorts just go for it.

You go girl!

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