What Is Skin Positivity ?

Skin positivity might be familiar to you, if you’ve been scrolling through your Instagram feed for a while now. But the question arises , Is Skin positivity only limited to Social media platform ?

where Models and celebrities post their filter less Selfie, people share their pictures without any Photoshop ,where they unapologetically share their picture having cystic acne or scar, people embracing color.

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Skin positivity

No it is way more than that. Skin positivity is having confidence , and reducing the stigma and shame that are associated with visible skin conditions such as acne, scarring, or birthmark, skin color.

It does not limit only to social media, it’s about
Living it up , accepting your skin conditions embracing it and not pointing out people on their pimples/scars, color.

What Is Skin Positivity Movement?

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Skin Positive

The skin positive movement is about removing layers of unattainable skin standards. Following with Body-positive movement, this movement is on the rise as well.

Many Celebrities and influencers like Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber , Kendall Jenner ,Lili Reinhart have come forward to participate in the Skin positivity movement .

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Em ford

The conversation first started in 2015 when , Em Ford posted a video titled ‘You Look Disgusting’, detailing the horrific comments she’d received whenever she had step out without makeup , in her face full of acne.

Why Is Skin Positivity Important?

Skin positivity movement wants us to re define our relationship with our skin. We all are fed up of unrealistic beauty standards and feels horrible when we don’t match up to them.

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Skin positivity

It is important to have positive image to love , accept and yourselves to realize that ,we are not meant to fit in.

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Acne Positivity

Acne Positivity is the movement, that I’ve personally been waiting for and it’s finally here but we still has a very long way to go. I’ve been dealing with acne since 5 to 6 years. I started getting pimples when I was in class 8 . Which I didn’t bothered at all but people around me seems to mind.

As if dealing with pimples wasn’t hard enough, the mental and emotional challenges of having acne can be seriously tough.

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Do we have to cover acne?

People assume that having acne means a person is not hygienic or has a very bad diet , or doesn’t care at all, doesn’t wash their face. But they seem to lack the basic knowledge, sometimes when people come and pass absurd comment about my active acne, I feel like sending them back to their biology classes, so they could have basic knowledge .

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Acne is normal

(I swear if I hear one more person tell me. I should try washing my face more or drink more water , I’ll throw 5 liter Jar towards them)

Don’t be ashamed of your acne , accepting and embracing it might take time but don’t forget to love yourself.

How To Be Skin Positive?

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Skin positive

Start by accepting yourself , by embracing your flaws , scars , your skin color. Skin positivity movement has taken Instagram by storm, but it still has to create wave in the film industries, movies .

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Skin positivity

So, don’t beat up yourself for next time you get pimple, don’t cover yourself with foundations and concealer. Don’t be ashamed of your color , there’s much more capability in you to be worrying about how you look.

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