Things To Let Go Of This Fall

Fall is the time when trees shed their leaves and let go of it. So , why not take some inspiration from this season and we also let go of things that no longer brings us happiness , helps us grow or gives negative vibes. Things to let go of ……..

1. Regrets

You know the moment, it happens right after you realize you did something you wish you didn’t do. Maybe you lied to someone, or broke someone’s trust and you’re terrified that your world will come crashing down. There are so many things we regret doing or the changes we didn’t take. Regardless of what you did , you can feel your regret like a hot ball implanted in your stomach , which make you feel sick.

How to let go of regret?

•The first is to not allow your regret to take over you/ your decisions.
•Give yourself time and patience.
•Each lesson is an experience.
•Breathe learn from it, forgive yourself , move on .

2. Doubt

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Stop self-doubt

Self-doubt brings fear, fear of failure , of being not good enough, of being out of control. We fear sharing our thoughts, thinking that we will appear wrong or stupid . We fear being generous and loving and so fear rejection. Doubt creates worries . It is the enemy of real happiness.
This fall, let go of Doubt(at Least start trying) , by talking to someone -your best friend or someone with whom you’re really close.
Don’t get stuck in one thing.
Sharpen your skills.

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3. Comparison

Comparison is the death of joy”- Mark Twain
If you spend your days comparing yourself to others people’s achievement, you’ll never be able to accomplish in your work. We often catch ourselves comparing to someone on social media who seems to have everything figure out while are still confused on our path.
Stop comparing yourself to some stranger (on Instagram), about your look , your fashion style, your choice.

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Stop comparing yourself

Let go of comparison by trying few things:

• count on your blessings.
• focus on your journey.
• Be ok with imperfection.
• Learn to love.

4. Anger

You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” ~Buddha

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Angry people

Anger leaves you feeling torn apart. When we are angry , we seems to lose our control, it’s as if anger takes over you and you just can overcome it and instead of giving in . Your jaw tightens , your muscle scream. Every inch of your body wants to lash out. Being angry is exhausting , yet we keep anger for days , months or sometimes year and years.
Sometimes we just can’t let go of it no matter how much we try to. Sometimes the person we are angry with is none other than ourselves , or we just can’t bare to forgive the person we are angry with(which is only causing us harm).

How to let go of anger?

•Take responsibility of your anger.
•Understand that you’re hurting yourself.
•Remind yourself that you have a choice.
•Try to forgive and move on.

5. Avoidance

Avoidance behaviors are any actions a person takes to escape from difficult thoughts and feelings. When situation becomes uncomfortable or difficult , we tend to avoid it completely , instead of facing the reality , we act as if the problem or such situation doesn’t exist. Which only cause problem .
So , instead of avoiding reality/ problem, confront it and accept it, Which might not always have the better consequences but is best for the long term.

6. Self-hatred

We all have a self-loathing going on from time to time . Self-hatred is just a part of the human conditions. Hating the way we look , hating your skin , hating that part of your body where you’ve got marks , we tend to hate sometime about ourselves . Try to let go of self-hating this time, accept your flaws , mistakes you’ve done in past, try to love yourself a little more , nurture yourself , take out some time for yourself as well.

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