New MIUI 11 Features You Should Know

Xiaomi took the wraps off the MIUI 11 alongside the Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro last month. It revealed a roadmap of Redmi devices that will be getting MIUI 11 this year. The official rollout began on October 22. Now, Redmi 6 Pro and Redmi Y2 are getting updated to the new MIUI 11, which aims to bring a brand new optimized modern UI design focused on content viewing. The company has almost completed MIUI 11 rollout for the first batch of devices. 

All New MIUI 11 Features

Here, we have discussed every aspect of MIUI 11 right from the UI changes to hidden features. Apart from that, we have also offered some tips along the way so you can take advantage of the new features in your daily life. Having said that, let’s jump right in.

1. Minimalist Design

While there is no doubt that MIUI is packed with tons of features, Xiaomi deserves a fair share of criticism for its inconsistent UI and endless cramming of features without any serious thought given to the user experience. Frankly, I love MIUI, but I can’t help but nitpick the small inconsistencies: no uniformity in icon shape, jittery animation all over the place, and overall an outdated design language. However, all of my criticism is going to take rest with MIUI 11. Xiaomi is finally bringing a clean and minimal fork of Android with MIUI 11. From the first look, MIUI 11 looks quite matured and follows its design principles all through the interface.

1. Minimalist Design - New MIUI 11 Features You Should Know
MIUI 11 Features You Should Know

MIUI 11 comes with a new Classical theme that supports squircle icon shape out of the box and I love it. Xiaomi has also redesigned all its native apps to fit the new icon shape. Finally, the apps look uniform and in sync with the overall UI. Besides that, the animation also feels pretty smooth and consistent across apps and settings. It seems MIUI is focusing on making the UI transition smooth and not just fast which is a welcome change. Xiaomi has also brought a new font that does not look too cartoonish. The font has support for Dynamic Font Scaling which allows apps such as Notes to adjust the content so that it’s easily readable by anyone. Not only the content, but the overall UI is scaled dynamically so you can have a better reading experience.

Apart from that, the UI has fewer lines and boxes to put the focus back on content. The Settings menu looks a lot cleaner and has new colorful icons to boot. Xiaomi has stated that MIUI 11 has been designed for a full-screen experience and it does feel so. You will be in for a treat when MIUI 11 starts rolling out globally from October 22nd.

2. Mi Share

Mi Share is the next headline feature of MIUI 11 which is very helpful and is going to make sharing files across smartphones a breeze. It’s an AirDrop alternative on Android where you can easily share files within seconds and without any time-consuming pairing process. As of now, Xiaomi has partnered with Oppo, realme, and Vivo to facilitate this feature among their smartphones. Xiaomi claims that you can send files locally up to 82MBps and that is simply amazing. You can find Mi Share under the “Connection and Sharing” menu on the Settings page. We tried sharing files using Mi Share and it worked just like AirDrop. The transfer speed was fast and there was no drop in connection. Once implemented across devices, this feature is going to be a game-changer and make file sharing so much easier.

Mi SHare - New MIUI 11 Features You Should Know
MIUI 11 Features You Should Know

Note: While the feature worked between two Xiaomi phones, its’ not working with Realme, Oppo, and Vivo phones as of now. This may be due to the fact that the phones had not received the Android 10 update at the time of testing. Once they are updated, it should start working.

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3. Tools And Shotcuts

To keep all the shotcuts tools to make interface easer and to work easy mi has updates this features

WhatsApp Image 2019 11 22 at 1.22.29 AM - New MIUI 11 Features You Should Know
MIUI 11 Features You Should Know

4. Ultra Battery Saver

MIUI has always been about offering features that are useful to the masses. While Xiaomi phones already come with a battery saver mode, MIUI 11 is offering another ultra-battery saving feature besides the normal one. It disables all the background processes, resource-intensive cores to bring down the performance, and eventually, save battery. Only the basic features are kept on like calling, messaging, and internet connectivity without background sync. Further, the wallpaper is turned to pitch black and all the animations are turned off.

4. Ultra Battery Saver - New MIUI 11 Features You Should Know
MIUI 11 Features You Should Know

Xiaomi claims you can go on for a full day if you have just 5% of battery left with Ultra Battery Saver mode turned on. So if you are going to a remote location or find yourself in a tough situation without a power source then this MIUI 11 feature will make the day for you. You can find the ultra battery saver mode feature under the Security -> Battery app.

5. Force Dark Mode

If your device is eligible for MIUI 11 based on Android 10 then you can force any app to adopt to dark mode. On Stock Android, you will find the “override dark mode” option under Developer Options. However, Xiaomi is bringing the same feature as “Global Dark Mode” under the Display settings page. We did test this feature on MIUI 11 and it works on some apps like Telegram and the Security app. Besides that, you can also schedule dark mode based on your preference and that is awesome.

5. Force Dark Mode - New MIUI 11 Features You Should Know
MIUI 11 Features You Should Know

6. Improved File Manager

MIUI 11 is bringing a host of new changes to its native File Manager app. Now, you can quickly look for files as the app supports thumbnails for all sorts of formats. And besides that, you can open PDF, DOCX or any other Office files without requiring any additional app. For what it’s worth, the document viewer is powered by WPS Office so there is that. If you were already a fan of the native File Manager on MIUI, this new update will make it even more compelling to use.

WhatsApp Image 2019 11 22 at 1.22.30 AM - New MIUI 11 Features You Should Know
MIUI 11 Features You Should Know

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