Things To Do When you are Bored

Do you also end up using your phone , without realizing you’ve been using it for several hours . Or when you have a lot of free time , but don’t Know what to do , and eventually you end up doing nothing.

Wondering what to do when you are bored , so here’s a list of things you can do when you’re bored , with your friends or alone.

1. Give Yourself a Manicure Or Pedicure

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Pedicure at home

We all get to busy in our life , in our work. We forget to take care of ourselves , so why not take advantage of free time , and indulge yourself on some self care.
You don’t necessarily have to go to nail salon, you can do it on home as well, put on a fresh coat of nail polish , try out new color.

2. Try Out a New Face Mask Or Beauty Product

This is a fun thing to do, when you are bored , you can make your own DIY face mask , or any face mask that is easily available on the market. Try out new product that is out in a market , try out any beauty or make-up product of different brand.

3. Doodle , Color Or Draw on Some Paper

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Color Or Draw on Some Paper

It’s such a relaxing thing to do , and especially if you’re bored , it is there for the rescue. Doddle on your journal, paint something to hang on your wall, draw anything even if you’re not really good at it. You can do it with your friends as well , it’s such a fun activity .

4. Read a Book

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Read a Book

What’s best then passing your day getting lost in a different world. Pick any book that interests you or re-read your favorite book , to re-live those moments.

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5. Experiment With a New Recipe

Do you love to cook? If not then you should definitely try it out . If you’re bored , then cooking is here for your rescue.
You’ll find numerous videos on YouTube , any many recipes on internet to try out.

6. Rearrange Your Furniture Or Redecorate Your Living Space

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Decorate your room

Shifting your furniture here and there , can also make a lot difference in your room, it gives a new look. So, when you are bored and literally don’t know what to do, get into decorating your room , put on some pictures on wall, or any painting , quotes that you really like.

7. Get Lost In Tumblr/ Pinterest

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Get Lost In Tumblr/ Pinterest

Lose yourself into the world of tumblr / pinterest . You can literally find everything from meme to room decor inspiration to history to art.

8. Organize Your Closet or Do a Full-Blown Closet Clean-Out

You also end up messing your wardrobe when getting ready in a hurry, then when you’re bored and wondering what to do, when you are bored ,organize you clothes or do a full blown clean-out .

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