Trends That Need to Die In 2020

New year and a whole new decade is here , which means a lot of new trends will be here . So, before stepping into new year , hear are the list of few things that seriously need to be left in 2019 and Trends That Need to Die in 2020.

So, let’s say goodbye to some of the trends that were popular and had so much hype all year round.

1 Biker Shorts

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Champion biker shorts

Please! Stop it already . I don’t understand why would anyone accept it to wear as their everyday look. It seriously looks like tights that , are worn underneath the skirts, and this trend need to die in 2020 . Biker Shorts isn’t that complementary as people think it is .

2. Cameltoe Boots

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Green Cameltoe boot

This is seriously the ugliest shoe ever, this wasn’t really that popular because only few influencers wore it , and fast fashion brands like H&M , Zara didn’t went for this trends or else any people would have been seen wearing it.
This trend that need to die in 2020 and as well never make a comeback.

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3. Ridiculously Mini Bag

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Pink mini bag

Who do even want to invest in a bag , that doesn’t even hold the card or a wallet or phone even. This was very huge but it isn’t worth the hype and such Trends That Need to Die in 2020 , because it’s such a waste of money.

4. PVC Clothing

9161872c80a0763b8e1dd4f3064623ef - Trends That Need to Die In 2020
PVC clothing

It is a shiny clothing made from the plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This is not at all worth the money, it is not at all comfortable to wear , it’s sticky and not at all flattering, And this Trends That Need to Die in 2020 as I am not ready to invest a penny on this clothing.

5. VSCO Girl Culture

15f09babcee75e63b6f7c80d38f6bd8b - Trends That Need to Die In 2020
VSCO girl

This trend was quite a hype from years but it grew humongously in 2019 and this Trends That Need to Die in 2020 , as we don’t want reference to VSCO girl everytime , we be drinking water from hydro flask , or when wearing shell jewellery is associated with being VSCO girl.

6. #Followforfollow hashtag

This trend need to die in 2020 , seriously , I’ve had enough of it . Instagram is a platform to share pictures and videos , where we can see videos of people singing dancing , and then there #followforfollow , like what is this , who are you asking this to??


Sometimes I come across many pictures with hashtag #doingitforthegram , which is ridiculous because people are literally doing weird stuff just to post on Instagram, and we shall bid goodbye to this trend and this Trends That Need to Die . Because we are not doing that in 2020 , we want to deal with authenticity.

“I would like to end this blog by saying that , it’s my personal opinion , and it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same of other people. So, if there’s anything that you enjoy wearing then you shall wear as you wish”

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