PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update With Season 11: PUBG Mobile Update

The latest season of PUBG Mobile is now live along with the 0.16.5 update that can be downloaded by players to access all the new features in the game. As reported previously, Season 11 is called ‘Operation Tomorrow’ and features Cyberpunk-inspired skins, clothing and emotes in the new Royale Pass.

Screenshot 3 - PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update With Season 11: PUBG Mobile Update
PUBG Mobile Update

In addition, the new update brings a new vehicle with some improvements to the Royale Pass to the battleground. Here’s a brief description of what players should look out for.

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PUBG Mobile Update 0.16.5 introduces Domination Mode to the royal battle with a new Arena Map called “Town” to capture two bases out of three. Players are divided into Blue and Red teams. The team that first wins the round capturing the maximum number of bases.

To download the latest update:

1. Launch PUBG Mobile and click on the update notification that pops up when the game finishes loading.

2. Just click on the ‘Update’ button and restart the game when the download is completed.

3. You can now enjoy the new season!

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