Top 5 Trends For 2020

With the new year comes new trends for 2020 . This year there has been a comeback of lots of trends that were very popular in early 2000’s and a lot more.

Fashion trends are always changing , some stays for long some for a season, so here’s a list of trends that will be dominating in 2020 .

So, you can invest on pieces without worrying about them going out of trend within few months.

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1. Statement Earring

Take your basic outfit to another level. Accessories makes a lot of difference , it can change your entire look. So, opt for some good earring to make you stand out.

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There’s a lot to choose from , you can choose as per your taste and style . There’s hoops with different designs , geometric shapes earring , shell earrings , and lot more that are trending , and will be dominating in 2020.

2. Statement Bags

Let your bag do the talking. So, invest in some good sturdy bag , as bags are huge this year , and will be dominating in 2020 in fashion industry.

IMG 20200111 223324 - Top 5 Trends For 2020
Mini shoulder bag

Also, the mini shoulder bag are back, and it’s already making its way in people’s wardrobe.

3. Voluminous Silhouettes

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Puffy shoulder top

In 2019 there was huge comeback of 80’s puffy shoulder trend, and well it’s not going anywhere . Only , this year it’s so huge that the silhouette are huge . You can throw on a nice puffy shoulder top with a skirt , jeans or trouser and you will look dressy , without putting much effort, while still looking like you did put on an effort.

There are so many ways you can style it .

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4. Marabou and Ostrich Feathers

The early 2000’s are back and I am ready for it and trends for 2020

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Ostrich feather

It’s definitely a piece that can take your outfit to another level without putting an effort. This trend was huge in early 2000’s and it’s making a comeback , the early 2020’s Babies are having their moment.

Ostrich Feathers outfit were also seen in award shows work by celebrities such as Cardi B. , Zendaya, Kendall Jenner.

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5. Not Your Average Leather

Leather is a staple piece , and can be found in almost everyone’s wardrobe. leather jacket is a timeless piece . Leather will be big and dominating in 2020 , leather can be seen as an earth toned overshirt, jumpsuits or even trousers , leather pants are already here .

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not your average leather

Leather will be prominent in spring as well, as leather was seen in spring/summer runways Trends for 2020.

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