Top 3 loan giving apps for students in India

Students are you desperately in need of money or looking for an Instant student loan to buy a new phone or a laptop? here are Top 3 loan giving apps for students, I know you all are interested in buying all the above-stated products and for a college student it’s pretty difficult and the reason is obvious “Money“. So, today I am going to provide all the information about top 5 loan giving apps for students which solves all your hassles problems for cash .

Can a student get a personal loan in India?

Usually, students are not eligible to get a personal loan as they have no source of regular income and credit history, as these two criteria are important to avail such loan. However, Student can take an education loan to finance their studies in India and abroad.

Can I get education loan without security?

However, you can get an education loan without pledging any security. … Under the CGFEL scheme you can get a loan up to Rs 10 lakh for study in India

Which is the best student loan app?

1. mPokket is one of the most popular platforms for instant personal loans to college students.
2. KrazyBee Student Credit Platform is another good option for quick finance that helps college students in times of need.
3. SlicePay is another app-based lending platform that is popular among students.

Top 3 loan giving apps for students –


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KrazyBee-This is India’s first online installment store for loan giving apps for students. You can purchase any products from Flipkart/Amazon or other leading eCommerce website on Easy Monthly Installments without CREDIT CARD.


Screenshot 4 - Top 3 loan giving apps for students in India
  1. Suppose you need to buy a Redmi note 8 pro phone from Amazon
  2. You need to open the Amazon app, search for Redmi note 8 pro and you will land upon the Redmi product page.
  3.  From there you will find a share option, click the share option and click krazybee app and it will directly go to the app
  4. From there you need to pay a partial payment and the remaining you can pay in monthly installment depending on the credit limit you have and the tenure you choose 
Screenshot 1 - Top 3 loan giving apps for students in India


Screenshot 3 - Top 3 loan giving apps for students in India

SlicePay is a digital payment platform which simplifies payments for the young. They are mainly oriented towards college students. What they do is that they provide financial help to the loan giving apps for students, whenever they are in need. They render loan to the students on which they charge an interest.

 how does SlicePay work?

Screenshot 2 - Top 3 loan giving apps for students in India
slice pay how it works
  • login on slice app to become a member
  • complete on site verification to activate
  • star using your card and enjoy membership benefits
  • repay using upi , debit card or net banking
  • its very easy to use and intrest rates are very less .

The credit can go up to Rs.60000 for which company takes no collateral, also can be used in various tenures, they don’t offer direct cash to students, but let them to buys stuffs from their partnered E-commerce players as stated above. 
Once you get verified you will get access to the starting limit of Rs. 4000 within 72 hours which can be upgraded to 60000

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mPokket is an app lending platform. mPokket provides instant personal loans to all the college students and recent graduates from college (got a job offer or started working as a professional). The aim of the company is to make students financially responsible and independent. The loan amount is sent via instant credit to the bank account or Paytm wallet.

The repayment option is also flexible, as it can vary from 1 to 3 months. So if you guys get a loan of Rs. 1000 then you can pay it with the pocket money your parents provide you next month, and the interest rates are also nominal which will start from 3.5% of the principal amount. 

how it works?

Screenshot 5 - Top 3 loan giving apps for students in India
how mpocket app works

For a student loan, you must be a college student over the age of 18For salary loan, you must recently graduate from college and received a job offer or started working
Documents required
For Student Loan:1. ID Proof (College ID card) 
2. Address Proof (Aadhaar)For Salary Loan1. Offer letter or salary slip
2. Bank statement

Screenshot 6 - Top 3 loan giving apps for students in India
repay anytime using mpocket

So students and grads have a look and try your luck and be independent earn pay enjoy.

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